Chemical Brothers – Catch Me I’m Falling

Als ich die neue Platte von den Chemical Brothers – „No Geography“ – das erste mal gehört habe, dachte ich sofort: die 90er sind zurück! Das klingt so schön old-school, dass ich sofort hin und weg war.

Und tatsächlich, Tom Rowlands hat bei Apple Music einen langen Kommentar zur Entstehung der Platte geschrieben und darauf verwiesen, dass sie die alten Sampler und Soundgeneratoren aus den 90ern wieder im Studio aufgebaut haben.

To sow that spirit of experimentalism into their ninth album, the pair exhumed the old samplers they used to make their first two albums. “I set up a corner of my studio that was ‘The 1997 Corner,’” Tom tells Apple Music. “It was very rudimentary, the sort of thing that I’d have set up in my bedroom a long time ago. There’s a particular sound in these old samplers, and their limitations spur you being more creative in how you use samples and throw things together.”

Mein Top-Hit der Platte ist das letzte Stück auf dem Album. Catch Me I’m Falling hat so einen tollen Synthesizer-Sound, der mich sofort gekriegt hat. Ich bekomme überalle Gänsehaut wenn ich den Song höre.

Tom Rowlands dazu:

“One of the sampled vocals is by Stephanie Dosen–we worked with her on Further and the score for Hanna–from a Snowbird track, which is her and Simon Raymonde, who used to be in the Cocteau Twins. The other is from [Emmanuel Laskey’s] ‘A Letter from Vietnam,’ this very emotive song from 1968. Stephanie’s singing in a different way—in a different room, in a different time—but the music we’ve written somehow brings these two disparate things together and makes new sense out of them. But it only makes sense if the thing at the end of it is something you want to listen to, something that moves you.”

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