Marcelo Calbucci’s Blog: Google is about to learn a tough lesson

Marcelo Calbucci trifft den Nagel auf den Kopf, mit dem was er über Googles Entscheidung bzgl. Google Reader sagt:

Google says that it “gets” social, but you can’t “get” social if you don’t get the concept of an influencer. By killing a product that was beloved and heavily used by most influencers, you start to alienate those folks. Killing a product like Picnik with tens of millions of users, might have less impact on the business than killing a product with less than a million users, where most of those users are influencers. The number of users alone is not a metric that should be used to decide which products live or die.

Und weiter:

Google is sending a strong signal to the market that it will have no mercy of killing whatever product it doesn’t think it’s going well. It just told users, professionals and enterprises that we all should not use any product from Google if requires long term commitment (not business-type commitment, but data and emotional commitment) unless we have a sense that’s going to succeed. Now, I have to be in the business of evaluating Google’s product long-term viability before I can commit.

(via neunetz)