Schreiben mit dem iPad? Not so great!

So langsam trudeln sie ein, die seri??sen Kritiken, die nicht blind der iPad-Hysterie hinterher hecheln. Ben Long von Macworld ist nicht zufrieden mit seinem iPad. Vor allem das schreiben auf dem virtuellen Keybord ist f??r Tipper wie mich wohl eher ungeeignet:

Deciding the iPad might be the same way, I launched Notes app and gave serious typing another try. The iPad has taught me much about my typing habits. For instance, I never realized that I routinely rest fingers on keys that I'm not actually pressing, and I never knew how often my fingers brush keys on the way to the key that I want to press. On the iPad, these habits result in an astonishing number of extra characters appearing. Deciding to employ my iPhone habits of typing, and correcting later, I barrel ahead. But editing is as tedious on the iPad as it is on the iPhone. Instead of including virtual cursor keys, Apple decided to keep the tap-wait-move-little-tiny-handles-around approach to editing.

I have a list of things that I would one day like to learn. I'm fairly certain that relearning to type is not on the list. I thought about moving the list to the iPad to look it over, but figuring out how to transfer the document was too complicated.

Aber auch die K??rperhaltung beim Couch-Surfing scheint nicht besonders bequem zu sein, was man sich auch leicht vorstellen kann, wenn man mal eine Zeitung auf seinen Scho?? legt und die Haltung mit einem Notebook-Screen vergleicht.

Neck is hurting. Hands are achy, and am feeling the beginnings of eye strain. At first, I assume that it's the stress of my exile and isolation, but then I opened the MacBook (as I needed to do some actual typing) and realized what a better position it is than the iPad. With the iPad on my lap, I have to crane my neck to look down???the laptop screen sits more in front, and at a far more comfortable angle.

Long spricht weitere Punkte an, wie Gewicht, das spiegelnde Display, fehlendes Multitasking – welches gerade auf dem gro??en Bildschirm N??tzliches leisten k??nnte, den E-Reader-Vergleich mit dem Kindle (Kindle wins) und so weiter.

Sehr lesenswert.

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